Here you can advertise on our web.


Here you can choose type of advertisement:

1.  Flash.  Livelike adveretisements with a text and images that are always changing to a new one.  Also a link to your web page if you have one. Livelike text and  some buttons to click at.
2.  Slide-show (slider).  Some pictures in a row that goes bigger when people click at them. Here are  possible to put some textion the pictures. This is working  with  all Ipads and Apple phones.

3.  Still image that is just a one image with a text and a link to a home page.

We make the advertisements, the customer had to send us the pictures to use in the
the advertisements - also the right text to use there.  

The size of the advertisements is 200 x 200 pixlels or 187 x 230 pixels
You can send us pictures and text as a attachments in e-mail.


Start price of the advertisements is 6.000,- Islkr. pr. week and we make the advertisement free in a cooperation with the customer.  Payment - buttons are there for a week of advertising and also for two weeks.
So, just contact us if you will have the advertisind for a longer time.  

The prices at the paying - buttons are with taxes.



Thelephone number for advertising:

354 7727940

Advertising area here


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