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Welcome to the active web part of our travel web.

Now you have an access to our map of camping places, fishing lakes (trout), places where you can rent a horse and go horse riding, etc.
 Also we show you the camping spots where you can give your Camper Van good service, empy toilets and get some water and electricity for your van or  travel trailer.

If you click on the button below you will get a map of Iceland with many places to camp.
The camping places have numbers but you click at the names of the places to see the pictures of it and surroundings.
 You wil also see the service for your camper or  motor home.
 If your motor  home or camper wil get out of order and you need a help, then you have an access to our car repair shop's map and you can find the nearest car repair shop, if you don't see any at our car repair shop's map, you can phone us.  The phone number is:  354 - 7727940.

Image113 Image117 Icelandic roads Where are you going? Img222 Img223 Driving conditions The icelandic Road and costal Administration. Weather The emergency number in Iceland is 112 Merki_visitingiceland_3d_loka
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