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Use our support in your trip to Iceland, before and during your travel in Iceland.

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Perhaps you are visiting Iceland after imformation from us in the beginning or you are visiting Iceland without any knowledge about this country. Perhaps you are in your own motorhome or with your own travel trailer.  - Then this is the right web page for you. - Also if you are going to rent a motor home in Iceland.

About Us

We are a team enjoying some trips around in Iceland in motor homes and we feel the need for assistance or support during our trips.  Where to find a camping area for our cars, where we can fill the watertank, empty the toilet and perhaps get someone to fix our car if something goes wrong.
This web page is made to show campers where to find most of the services they need in their trip around in Iceland.  This web will bee your support during your trip in Iceland and we will share our experience to you, - travelling in a home van or motor home. We are not selling access to camping places for your motorhomes or camper trailers, - just showing you things you need during your trip.  Click the ,,Start here button,,  to see more.  

Support Webpage for camper vans owners travelling in Iceland.
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Visiting Iceland in a motor home or travel trailer. Save time - save money - save fuel. Smelltu hér. Since 6/6 2019 Icelandic
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